How To Make Fish Tank Meth
Dec 6, 2012 best homemade multi- functional aquarium seen to date. no fish harmed while making this video. new meaning to swimming in a fish bowl.

june 8

How to make methamphetamine how to make cryztal dope in 2-3 hours using 1/4in. diameter rubber/plastic hose (aquarium hose works good) coffee filters.

Oh hell no!! to make crystals from p2p meth you either have to gets really hot fish tank hold al lthe ingredients in equal pats coal bluing and occupancy peach.
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“Anywhere that she goes, I follow” Ambassadors of Morocco’s bold sound in “Loosen Up” has the power to rile you out of the deepest of funks. This is a guitar band at its finest with an acute skill for power chords layered with texture culminating to the explosions of commanding vocals. It’s a fun mix of rhythm with pauses and grooves throughout the song to keep your attention alert at all times. Ambassadors of Morocco have got pop rock songs down to a T and I’m excited to hear more from them.

Ambassadors of Morocco is Beni Pri, Ben Phillips, JP Robinson, Mathiew Grillo.


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Irises at the Citadel Mall

Saturday, June 1 from 10 am to 7 pm the Elmohr Iris Society’s Annual Show took place at The Citadel. Iris Society Members served as judges where bronze, silver, and gold medals were presented for the best Iris displays in an array of categories. More

Projects score big wins

Phillip Cyprian, Victoria Valenzuela, Raina Vasquez, and Sam Strait, students at Holmes Middle School in Colorado Springs competed at the 2013 State FCCLA, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America Conference. More

Running & Being: 35th Anniversary Edition

Ten years of George Sheehan's essays are gathered in this classic book.

Runner's World Branded T-Shirts

Comfortable cotton t-shirts with the logo of your favorite magazine.

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